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Terms & Conditions....

All appointments taken in the salon, by phone, web site and Facebook we will require full name, address and telephone number.

Missed appointments seriously affect our business, we reserve the right to ask for the cost of the treatment and salon time if appointments are missed. Treatments taking 2 hours or longer or over the value of £30 will be asked for a deposit to secure booking.

24 Hour notice must be given to cancel an appointment. The salon can be contacted via, phone, mobile, Facebook and website. If you fail to contact the salon, we have the right to charge for the treatment and salon time.

Vouchers or pre- paid appointments that are missed will result in losing the value of voucher or credit

As a salon we can refuse to carry out a treatment if you have any contra-indications. Examples of some contra-indications:

•Any form of infection, disease or fever

•Under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol

•Cancer (unless in terminal stages and then with medical permission)


•Cardiovascular conditions

•Any condition already being treated by GP or another complementary practitioner

•Medical oedema



•Nervous/Psychotic conditions


•Recent operations



•Bells Palsy

•Trapped/pinched nerve

•Inflamed nerve

•Acute rheumatism

•Skin disease e.g. warts

•Undiagnosed lumps and bumps

•Cuts, bruises or abrasions (on exposed areas)

Please consult your GP first if you have any of these

If you are dissatisfied with any treatment we will refund the full cost if notified with-in 24hrs